Here are a few projects that
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Brand agency Studio Noel came to me to rewrite the copy on their website, from their about page and services page, to their news pages and their contact page. All of this can be seen here, starting at the Studio's about page.

I also write blog posts and news alerts for their news & insights page, keeping all of her clients up to date on industry issues and studio developments. Read all about it here, with one of my most recent examples here.



Graphic designer Harry Thory needed an about page that told potential clients who he is in a light, friendly, and funny way. I took some inspiration from my screenwriting work and put together some defining characteristics that would get his personality across quickly and memorably. After that, it was a case of distilling all of the services he offers his clients in a short and simple way, weaving his personality all the way through.

Slurp wine Christmas campaign slogan

Christmas 2019 saw another festive campaign aiming to break through the noise, and Slurp wanted to let the high streets know that their Christmas brochure had arrived. 'Fill Christmas stockings with corks for popping' was the slogan they chose to head up their brochure, which was used in printed material and in shop windows. 

Toynbee Associates Case Studies

Toynbee Associates are structural engineers responsible for bringing the most beautiful houses to the market. I was responsible for breathing life into dry, technical copy on the houses' specs and locations so that potential homeowners could imagine the kind of home Toynbee Associate's houses could become. An example for Wren's Hill in Surrey can be seen here.


If you would like to know more about any of these projects or any other work I have done, email me at loiszoppi@hotmail.co.uk.

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